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Florida Construction Administrative Proceedings Lawyer

Board-Certified Construction Law and Appellate Attorneys Helping with Florida Administrative Proceedings

The Florida construction industry is a heavily-regulated area, and many agencies have a hand in enforcing rules regarding various aspects of construction projects, from the licensing of contractors and qualifying of construction companies, to the formation and registration of business entities created for a project, to issues such permitting and the use of systems and materials under Product Approvals and the Florida Building Code. The Florida administrative proceeding lawyers at Hayes Law, P.L. provide strong, effective representation in proceedings before state and local agencies in Florida.

Hayes Law represents applicants and licensees before the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). We have represented contractors, subcontractors, applicants for licensure and foreign and local construction companies in the application for professional licenses to operate in the state of Florida. Our firm further represents contractors in discipline proceedings which may involve fines, probation, or the suspension or revocation of their license. Backed by a strong litigation background and specialty in appellate law, we are able to go beyond the Board level when needed and effectively seek review with the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings as well as appeals to the applicable Florida District Court of Appeals. Additionally, our attorneys file bid protests when necessary before state and local agencies. We have also handled federal government debarment proceedings, successfully avoiding debarment of construction firms.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation with Your Administrative Proceeding

If you are applying for licensure or a change of license status as a construction professional, if your license is in jeopardy due to disciplinary proceedings, or if you are seeking a license as a joint venture or other Florida business, or facing a federal or state debarment proceeding, contact Hayes Law, P.L. in Orlando for practical legal advice and strong, effective representation before the DBPR and other Florida and federal administrative agencies and courts.

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