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Florida Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Aggressive, Effective Advocacy in Commercial Litigation

When a business dispute has reached the point where formal legal intervention is required to resolve the matter, you need a smart, aggressive attorney who will work to get the problem solved, protecting your rights and promoting your interests while working to achieve the best outcome as efficiently as possible. You cannot afford to divert your time, attention and resources away from your business to deal with protracted litigation, and this is even more true in the field of construction, where projects delayed or halted due to litigation can spell financial disaster. Rosemary Hayes and her associates at Hayes Law, P.L. in Orlando have the skills and experience to represent you in commercial litigation in Florida courts or in federal courts throughout the country, working to resolve your dispute successfully and as efficiently as possible. Our firm handles breach of contract claims, business torts, corporate disputes and all types of business and commercial litigation affecting Florida contractors and subs, construction companies, and other businesses throughout the state. Rosemary Hayes regularly handles arbitration matters in a variety of forums, before the American Arbitration Association, from small cases to large, complex multi-party disputes. Contact our experienced Florida commercial litigation lawyers today.

Efficient Resolution of Breach of Contract Claims

Most business relationships are governed by a contract of some type, whether it be oral or written, express or implied. A feature common to most contracts is that both parties owe an obligation to each other, usually performance by one party and payment by the other. A dispute over the terms of the contract, or whether one party has properly performed, may sometimes require formal legal assistance to resolve, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Commercial contract claims frequently involve the following types of matters:

  • Construction claims and disputes concerning subcontracts and prime contracts
  • Lease, sale or purchase of property or equipment
  • Breach of warranty claims
  • Multi-party & multi-jurisdiction commercial disputes

Hayes Law, P.L. represents clients in all commercial enterprises, with particular expertise in construction litigation . Our experience in construction claims litigation includes all of the following areas:

  • Construction or “Mechanics” Liens
  • Payment Bonds and Performance Bonds – including bonds required by government construction projects and private common law bonds
  • Change Orders, Stop Orders, Extra Work Claims
  • Insurance Claims – denial of claim or coverage, unreasonable delays, bad faith
  • Construction Defects and Negligence – design defects; structural defects; poor workmanship; soil and slope instability; drainage issues; use of substandard materials; faulty wiring, plumbing or HVAC installation

Construction delays due to contract disputes can be frustrating and costly, and being forced to remediate a building due to construction defects can be shockingly expensive for the responsible party. The attorneys at Hayes Law, P.L. work to get to the bottom of the claim and find a resolution that meets your needs.

Prosecuting and Defending Business Tort Claims

Not all commercial litigation involves a contract dispute. Hayes Law, P.L. represents parties in lawsuits alleging fraud, including deceptive trade practices, unfair business practices and consumer fraud, as well as tortious interference with business relations and other business torts and claims under Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act (FDUPTA). Our firm’s trial and appellate experience helps to ensure that you are well-represented at all stages of the legal process.

Corporate Disputes

Internecine business disputes in the corporate environment can lead to costly, protracted litigation when they are not resolved. Hayes Law, P.L. can help resolve disputes or represent parties in arbitration and litigation, including partnership or joint venture disagreements over operational decisions or business succession, or corporate disputes including claims involving the fiduciary duties of officers and directors, and shareholder derivative suits brought on behalf of the corporation. While shareholders are rightly interested in how a business is run, they may lack the understanding of decision-making processes at management and board levels. Corporate officers and board members need an effective advocate who is experienced in complex litigation and appeals.

Call Hayes Law for help in Florida Commercial Litigation & Business Disputes

If you find yourself embroiled in a business dispute that may lead or has already led to litigation, contact Hayes Law, P.L. at 407-649-9974 for strong, effective advocacy in the resolution of your Florida commercial matter.

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