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Florida Commercial Transaction Lawyer

Help with Smooth, Efficient Commercial Transactions

Business owners engage in a multitude of commercial transactions every day with a variety of parties – customers and clients, vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, etc. Many transactions are simple exchanges, while others – construction projects and development particularly – involve a significant investment of time, money and effort among a multitude of interested parties. Hayes Law, P.L. is here for the life of your business. Whether you need help setting up your company and developing standardized contracts, or require high-level representation in the negotiation and execution of major deals, our Board-Certified Florida commercial transaction lawyers stand ready to offer the assistance you need for a smooth, successful transaction.

Entity Formation

When setting up a company for the first time, you have many options. Whether you choose to operate as a corporation, general or limited partnership, or a limited liability company can have ramifications for how the business and its owners are taxed; the level of liability exposure for business owners; who has responsibility and authority for daily operations and major decisions; business succession, dissolution or transfer; and a host of other areas. Hayes Law, P.L. has experience setting up construction companies and other types of businesses and can provide expert assistance throughout this process. We take the time to sit down with you and understand your immediate needs and long-term goals. We will advise you on your options and walk you through every step of organizing and establishing your company as licensed to do business in the state of Florida. We assist you in preparing and filing necessary documents, including help with Department of Business and Professional Regulation-licensing, Minority and Small Business Certification and other administrative matters.

Contracts and Other Forms

A contract lies at the heart of every commercial transaction, and the terms of that contract govern all the terms and conditions of the transaction. Hayes Law, P.L. takes the time to understand your business and your needs. We negotiate, draft and review contracts for particular projects and assist companies in devising standard prime contracts, subcontracts, purchase order forms, proposals and other materials for use with or by customers, subcontractors, design-professionals, vendors and suppliers. For construction companies, we regularly prepare and review commercial construction contracts for general contractors, subcontractors, owners and design professionals. Our goal is to ensure that for any contract you sign or transaction you enter into, your rights are protected, your interests are fairly represented, and contract language is clear regarding its terms, conditions and enforceable obligations.

Hayes Law’s attorneys have experience drafting bond forms, default notices and other forms that can be standardized and used in the office or the field.

Call Hayes Law for Help With Florida Commercial Transactions

For practical legal advice and effective representation with establishing your business, preparation of contracts, in regard to a construction project or commercial transaction, contact Hayes Law, P.L. at 407-649-9974 for assistance.

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