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Comprehensive Construction Law Assistance from Board-Certified Specialists

Construction projects involve an immense investment of time, money, and human resources, and require the participation of a businesses from different occupations, professions, and fields of expertise, with varying viewpoints and interests. A myriad of legal issues may be encountered at many points along the way, all requiring expert assistance to resolve and keep the project moving on track, to successful completion.

The Florida construction lawyers at Hayes & Newman, PL assist general contractors, subcontractors, sureties, developers, designers and other construction professionals in the complicated process of embarking on and completing construction projects throughout Florida and the United States.


Hayes & Newman, PL represents business owners, contractors, subs, suppliers, developers, designers and sureties in construction contracts. We develop standard documents for contractors and subcontractors, from subcontract forms to purchase orders to payment and performance bond forms. Hayes & Newman, PL will provide expert assistance in the negotiation, preparation or review of contracts and agreements. On today’s complex construction projects, managing your risk is of critical importance. We assist our clients in trying to make sure that their contractual agreements are sound and enforceable, balancing the client’s interest in getting the deal done. We also represent parties in the resolution of disputes that may arise over contract interpretation or performance.

The firm’s lawyers have handled public works contract disputes on a state and federal level, including complex multi-party litigation. In addition, we have pursued our clients’ rights on private projects to ensure payment and defend against unfounded claims, wrongful termination and indemnity actions. We are highly experienced in assisting our clients with securing appropriate insurance coverage, ensuring the sharing of risk with privies based on insurance provisions in contracts, and pursuing covered claims. We fight to make sure our clients’ rights are protected and that they get the benefit of what they bargained for.

Payment and Collections

Our attorneys represent parties in payment claims and collections involving construction liens, insurance claims, bond claims, contract claims, delay, acceleration and other impact claims, claims for extra work claims, wrongful termination claims, and other matters. With experience in all manner of commercial litigation and arbitration, we provide expert assistance and effective advocacy on both private and public construction projects.

Construction Defects and Claims

Chapter 558, Florida Statutes, is the Construction Defect Statute. While intended to avoid litigation based on settlement, the statute has added a layer of procedures that must be complied with before an owner may commence a construction defect case. There are numerous deadlines that must be met once a 558 notice has been served by an owner. The firm’s attorneys have represented numerous contractors, and subcontractors, as well as designers and owners, navigating clients through the Chapter 558 process. We will make sure your rights are represented and protected in the most efficient manner.

We will assist in making certain that available insurance coverage–for your financial protection, is analyzed and pursued in regard to Chapter 558 claims. Hayes Law litigators are prepared to prosecute or defend delay and impact claims, warranties and indemnification, bond claims and more through arbitration or courtroom litigation in state and federal courts, and on appeal. Hayes Law, P.L. has the knowledge, skills and experience to get to the bottom of the matter and see that your rights are protected and enforced.

Insurance Law and Insurance Coverage

One of the most important services provided by our construction lawyers is based upon knowledge of coverage afforded by construction-related insurance products. This includes understanding the surety relationship (which is a triparty agreement between a surety, principal and obligee, and not insurance) and Commercial General Liability, Builders Risk, Subcontractor Default Insurance and other insurance products. The firm has also been retained by insurers as insurance defense counsel and also worked for contractors, owners and others in analyzing and securing coverage, and in pursuit of bad faith insurance claims as well.

For All Florida & Federal Construction Law Needs, Contact Hayes Law in Orlando

To speak with a Florida Board-Certified Construction Law specialist regarding any construction law matter in Orlando or statewide, contact Hayes Law, P.L. at 407-649-9974 to speak with one of our Florida construction lawyers.

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