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Construction Delay Claims

By Hayes Law, P.L. |

Delays in construction happen on a regular basis over the course of project development. These delays can happen for a number of reasons, leaving either party at a certain amount of risk for breach of contract or other claims for litigation. Some of these reasons include mismanagement of the construction site and project, planning… Read More »

Construction Liens in Florida

By Hayes Law, P.L. |

Conflicts commonly arise in construction law regarding contracts and unpaid work. When a customer fails to pay a contractor for work already started, or in some cases, completed, there is legal recourse available for the contractor in order to obtain the money owed. In Florida, a contractor can file a Construction Lien under Chapter… Read More »

Changes to Florida Public Records Act Impacts Contractors

By Hayes Law, P.L. |

Changes to the Public Records Act, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, have implications for construction contractors working on public works projects. The law’s requirements may also be passed on by general contractors to subcontractors, spreading out the administrative burden. State law has at all times provided that public records are public records regardless of whose… Read More »

Arbitration & Construction Law

By Hayes Law, P.L. |

Arbitration is a common resolution tool used throughout the legal industry, in particular, in construction law. Arbitration is one of a few types of alternative dispute resolution that is offered as a substitute to partaking in litigation. The process mimics aspects of traditional litigation, but has many benefits that litigation proceedings lack. In an… Read More »